Founder of Parenting At Its Best and Organizations At Their Best

Dr. Kraemer is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the State of New York. She is the founder and president of Parenting At Its Best, a New York City based parenting education, support and guidance center that helps parents and children create strong, successful and healthy relationships, and also teaches parents and caretakers in all existing family structures the skills they need to support their children in reaching their full potential.

Beatrice also offers individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Her work with couples includes pre-marriage counseling, therapy and coaching as well as post-separation parenting coordination. Furthermore, she works with individuals, couples and families on all issues around aging, and is also specialized on the relationship between eating behavior and one’s own body. Additionally, she consults with schools supporting students, parents, and teachers to successfully master their respective challenges and achieve their goals.

As an internationally highly sought after instructor, she teaches developmental and pedagogical psychology, attachment theory and its application, postpartum depression, and parent education classes. Beatrice also serves as part time faculty at The New School for Public Engagement.

Beatrice is also the founder and president of Organizations At Their Best, a consulting and coaching firm that leads organizations through innovative change and transformation processes. By aligning an organization’s overall strategy with its values, goals and desired behavior, she optimizes business performance and creates sustainable growth and success. When working with international clients she assists their teams and subsidiaries to communicate effectively and reach their business goals using the strengths and avoiding the pitfalls of working across different cultures.